Autumn Lights : candle obsession

fig treeWell Hello Lovie!

It’s confession time……I am obsessed with candles!  I love nothing more at home than lighting a beautiful candle that flickers a little warmth and  scents the room.  Autumn (my favourite time of year) has arrived in Melbourne and it’s the perfect excuse to fill the house with my glowing obsession.  When I buy candles there are three essentials:

  1. heavenly smell
  2. presented in a beautiful, re-usable jar
  3. it must have a long burn life

This week I discovered another new candle company that is based in Prahran and I’m in love!  SOH (Scent of Home) candles are ticking the boxes for me, particularly as they are 100% soy, coconut & almond oil wax that burns cleanly (another plus).  I loved the packaging which is elegant yet modern, just like the candle jar.  I chose the Fig Tree scent which is like a light breeze of autumn fruit throughout the house.  The only downside is it makes me want to go and buy a chunk of blue cheese and a bottle of red!