What’s a girl to pack?

Well hello lovie!

It’s a few days to go until I head overseas for my fabulous Italy jaunt and although I travel most weeks for work, a 22 hour journey requires a bit more planning! I wanted to take a snap shot of what I’m packing for my carry-on bag so that when I take my next trip I can just jump on this page and repack.
Here’s the breakdown:


Let’s start with entertainment.

  • I never travel without my Beats Solo headphones – love them!
  • I’m going old school with a motivational book, Lisa Messenger always seems to hit the spot for me.
  • My trusty MacBook – so I can keep up to date with wellhellolovie and fulfil my fantasy of spending a day sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and tapping away on my laptop.


The beauty essentials next.

  • No one wants to arrive at their holiday destination feeling like a piece of crap!  I’ve packed my Oroton case with pressed powder, lipstick, gloss, deodorant, hand cream, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and my rollerball fragrance which is perfect for travelling (check them out at Sephora).
  • Then a cute little Corban & Blair wallet with my makeshift first aid kit.  Bandaids, nurofen, diarrhoea tablets (let’s face it – we’ve all been there!), refresh eye drops, hand sanitiser and my roll on magnesium oil which I adore as it helps me relax and fall asleep quickly.


The necessities.

  • A good old fashioned notepad.  I love my LV notebook that was a beautiful gift which I’ve had for years now – always by my side for that random thought.
  • A fabulous wallet that can fit all my cards, cash, passport and is also big enough to slip in my mobile – it’s the ultimate day to night accessory!  I just bought this one from Oroton.
  • My phone….can’t live without it – enough said.
  • Reading glasses, as I woke up one day and realised I was squinting trying to read menus – can’t have that!  I’m obsessed with Bailey Nelson, a great Aussie company that makes fashion forward yet affordable eyewear – too many to choose from!


And finally – creature comforts.

  • I always, always, always have a lightweight scarf with me.  This one from Witchery has been a great addition to my scarf wardrobe as it’s a mix of cool and warm colours and goes with absolutely everything.
  • Fun socks with little bobbles on them.  Practical yet cute 🙂

That just about wraps everything up into one great carry on bag.  I’m currently using a multipurpose tote bag from Lululemon.  It’s got pockets galore to separate my bits and bobs, a great little section for my water bottle, is quite light and big enough to fit everything in which means I don’t need to carry a handbag as well.

I’d love to hear anything else you think I should throw in!

Be fabulous xx