Bologna – ‘lagrassa’ (the fat), the culinary capital of Italia

well hello lovie!

By now you can guess why I came to Bologna!  Any place that is known as ‘the fat’ is a destination I want to immerse myself in.  I wanted to give you an idea of the foods that are specialties in the area and have bestowed Bologna with this awesome name.

Tagliatelle, Tortellini and of course Lasagne Bolognese!  Whatever you do though – don’t ask for Spag Bog – it’s known here as ragu.

We also have the delicious mortadella, prosciutto and salsicee (sausages).


So my mission, was to seek out each of these in all their forms and eat, eat, eat!

So…..that was the plan but I seemed to have lost my mojo in Bologna!  Maybe I’ve eaten one too many fabulous dishes, walked too many streets, seen too many fresco’s  but I couldn’t seem to get excited here which is weird as Bologna was one of the places I was most excited about coming to!  Look, it’s a beautiful city – dusty pink buildings, great graffiti, of course fabulous monuments and there are portico’s on pretty much every street which is great BUT I just couldn’t get my groove on.

I did have dinner on the first night at a restaurant and of course had the tortellini and mortadella and they were both insanely good but after that I just bought ingredients from the deli’s here and recreated the specialty dishes in the apartment myself (restaurant quality of course!).

I don’t want to take anything away from Bologna – if you get the chance to come here do it.  I think I’m just a bit weary and this was the part of the trip where I needed to recharge.  I was meant to spent 4 days here however I’m a big believer in – if you don’t like something/change it!  So I made the decision to leave Bologna early and head back to Milan which I adored at the start of the trip.  Sometimes you’ve just got to change the plan 🙂


Be fabulous xx