Milan – 3 days of design, indulgence & food coma’s!

Well hello lovie!

What a treat, 3 days in Milan and I’m leaving so inspired! Design….it’s everywhere.  From the beautiful shop window displays, to the stunning architecture, to the way the women dress and to the food presentation….and I’ve loved every minute of it.  I’ll certainly be taking away some new ideas and will fondly think of Milan as my design capital of the world.  I based myself predominantly in Brera which is considered the artist district, so here’s some of my takeaways:


Dry Bar – it’s part cocktail bar, part restaurant (specialising in pizza) and part aperitivo – make a booking or try your luck

Princi Bakery – this became my regular breakfast/lunch go to place.  Cheap, friendly and incredibly tasty!  Croissants to grilled topped focaccia to espresso.

Eataly – an Italian food hall on steroids – seriously!  3 levels of everything and anything Italian (cheese, meats, wine, fruit/veg, gelato, espresso to name a few).  They also have 2 restaurants, one casual pizza/pasta, the other more upmarket.  I could live in this place and die happy!


Brera district – artisan jewellers,  bespoke perfumeries, leather goods, boutique clothes and a few vintage shops thrown in.  My top pick was the shop of Angela Caputi who is based in Florence and I’ll be revisiting when I arrive there – I did purchase some bold white/black earrings which I think will get a great price per wear ratio.

Quadrilatero d’Oro – if you’re cashed up this is the place to go.  Known as the Golden Quadrilateral, it’s a fashion district in the streets north of the Duomo.  Prada, Gucci, Dolce   & Gabbano – you get the idea!

Duomo – this goes without saying. The Italian Gothic style is incredibly intricate and you could spend hours just taking in the detail of the exterior. I understand now why it took six centuries to complete! (Just watch out for the men who offer to take a photo of you with your own camera who of course will then run off with it!)
Sforza Castle – I spent hours exploring the castle taking in the grandeur of the design along with the surrounding moat (now filled with grass) which took my breath away. I continued through the attached Sempione Park and loved seeing the Milanese exercising, having picnics, eating/drinking and celebrating the good life. A beautiful way to spend a few hours wandering.

Personally, I prefer to stay away from the main tourist area and experience living in the region as authentically as possible. On this trip I stayed at Zebra Verde and the apartment exceeded my expectations! Original design and architecture, clean, stylishly decorated, large for a one bedroom and the bed was super comfy!

How did I spend most of my time? Literally walking the streets. No tourist bus or tour for me – I get my joy by wandering with no map, taking in the sights and coming upon the unexpected. Milan was a true delight – even the dogs strutted with style!

Be fabulous xx