How to get fat yet be happy in Italy!

Well hello lovie!

I’ve ready every kind of article there is over the past 15 years about how to lose weight and had my fair share of wins and losses.  Well, I’m about to share with you my version on how to gain weight in 3 easy steps and do it all with a big, fat smile on your face!

Step 1.

Start the day with an espresso and brioche (what the Italians call a croissant).  Now these are not just ordinary pastries as they come in all shapes/sizes/flavours & toppings.  Check out a few examples of what I’ve consumed over the past few days…….

Step 2.

For lunch or dinner consume carbs.  Lots of carbs.  When they bring you the free bread – eat it.  Order pasta or pizza because you know it’s going to be a-mazing and you probably won’t eat like this again for a very. long. time.  Embrace the carbs!

Step 3.

Mid afternoon have gelato – try as many flavours as you can.  And if you really want to step it up, you could alternatively partake of another form of pastry – no judgement here!

So this is my daily routine which I’ll be committing to for the better part of a month.  I did weigh myself before I left and am placing a bet that I’ll easily hit the 5kg mark upon my return.  Who am I kidding, closer to 10kg at this rate!

But you know what?  As a wise woman in Milan said to me a few days ago – La Dolce Vita.  It’s all about “the sweet life” and you’ve only got one so go ahead and buy new pants instead!

Be fabulous xx